Social distance is a must in order to keep ourselves as safe as possible right now. Coronavirus spreads from person to person very easily, and confinement is required. But sometimes it is possible that someone, from a delivery person to a family member, comes and visits you, despite the warnings, or if you have a business currently functioning. If that person comes in, he or she will have to avoid touching you and as many surfaces as possible. Besides, if it is someone who is going to stay with you, his or her clothes and shoes must be washed right away and the person must take a shower and use clean clothes. You must have to clean and disinfect your home too.

Clean and Disinfect

Every surface touched by someone coming from outside your home (doorknobs, chairs, etc), must be disinfected with alcohol concentrated at 70% or water and soap. This is a serious matter, not only to protect yourself but other people in your home or business. If clients come, they must avoid touching things they are not going to buy and keep a 2 meters distance from other people. Clean and disinfect your home, could be a matter of life and death.