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Everything looks and feels better when they are clean! Your garage should not be an exception to the rule! Many homeowners experience a daily struggle every time they open their garage door as a result of tools, boxes, sporting goods, bikes, camping gear, and any leftover items they don’t want around the house. It’s time to make a change!

That’s when John D Cleaning comes into action to save your time and unclutter your messy garage. We systematically organize, classify, throw away unused items and clean all the clutter accumulated over the years keeping your garage a clean and tidy place.

Effective decluttering Garage Cleaning in 3 steps.

We Clean

Our garage cleaning team will take everything out of your garage, we will then make sure to detail all the small areas where the hardest dirt and bugs hide.

We Trash

We will put your unnecessary “stuff” in big bags for you.

We Organize

After the detailed clean-up, we will organize your garage into a more functional space…then you can now relax and enjoy your new space.

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If you’re moving out, it’s easy to ignore the house cleaning and leave it to the new owners. You could easily ignore any leftover clutter because it will no longer be your home. However, move-out cleaning is important. If you’re planning an open house or if want your full security deposit back from your landlord, it is best to schedule a day or two and put in the time to clean your soon-to-be ex-home. Additionally, cleaning your current house is always a good way of starting a new chapter of your life – you can get rid of the clutter that has been making your home untidy.

John D Cleaning can visit your old house for a thorough deep clean. It is best to leave them to the house cleaning, allowing you to concentrate on more important things during your move.


Moving into a new house symbolizes a new beginning in your life. However, you need to thoroughly clean your new home to make it conducive for its occupants and your furniture. If you don’t have the time or expertise for house cleaning, you can always count on our professional Houston Cleaning services.

Whether your house is new or relatively well-kept and just needs standard cleaning, or has been “lived-in” and needs a deep cleaning, it isn’t difficult to schedule for cleaners to visit your home. Additionally, it won’t take too much time to get these cleaners over as we’re only a phone call away.

Getting Ready to Sell?

Your home is one that’s been lived in, but selling it means it needs to look perfect for the buyers.
We remove scuffs, dirt, and signs of wear before you ever put your house on the market.

What People Say

“They did an excellent job, were very courteous and patient. I felt very safe and communication was excellent.”

Melisa Dowen


“Very satisfied. Our house looks like we just moved in! Our wood floors are cleaner than I could ever get them myself. All I can say is I would recommend this company to everyone.”

Emily Clark


“We truly LOVE the garage now!! And no longer want to light it on fire.”

Andrea Wilson


“Our wood floors are cleaner than I could ever get them myself. I was so impressed with work of your fantastic team! All I can say is I would recommend this company to everyone.”

Linda Mathews

“Outstanding workers, excellent service, timely arrival and stayed on schedule. ”

Jeffrey Welsh

“Having been a customer of this company for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member.”

Adam Clint


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