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Residential And Commercial Vacuum Cleaners.

There have been some really great new innovations in types of vacuum cleaners that have come on to the vacuum cleaner market in recent years. It seems that vacuum cleaner manufacturers are really starting to listen to the commercial cleaning companies and modeled new vacuum cleaners to fill niches for specific vacuum cleaning tasks.

What would be the perfect vacuum cleaner? The perfect vacuum cleaner would be different for certain types of vacuum cleaner tasks but might cross over into other areas of vacuuming if needed.

The biggest trend in vacuum cleaners in the past few years is weight. Lighter vacuum cleaners reduce strain on the operator and are easier to maneuver. The problem with lightweight vacuum cleaners is that when you reduce weight you also reduce the power of the vacuum cleaner by utilizing a smaller motor and weaker components. In recent years as new technologies have entered the vacuum cleaner market, we see a trend in more efficient and smaller motors that yield the same power as the motor of 10 years ago. As the vacuum cleaner manufacturers perfect these latest technologies, vacuum cleaners will get lighter without the loss of brush speed and suction power.

Vacuum maneuverability is a key issue in the commercial cleaning world. In the commercial cleaning industry, labor dollars have to be cut in order to make the same profits of years past due to fierce competition and the flood of new commercial cleaning companies to the cleaning market. The speed at which cleaning company employees can clean a building and maintain a high level of quality is becoming a huge factor in running an efficient cleaning operation.

One tool that is being utilized by commercial cleaning companies to aid in labor savings is the backpack cordless vacuum cleaner. Until now battery power and weight have down-played the role of the cordless vacuum cleaner. With the new lighter weight and more powerful batteries, vacuum cleaner units can be developed that rival their plugin cousins.

The ability to vacuum quickly without having to deal with a 100-foot cord is now a reality. New backpack vacuum cleaners have come to the vacuum market that tote incredible power packing just a few extra pounds over the standard 120-volt plug-in backpack vacuum. Commercial cleaning employees can now vacuum the same area in just over 70% of the original time it took the old plugin vacuum cleaners. These new rechargeable backpack vacuums cost a little more in start-up costs but will save commercial cleaning company owners a lot of money in employee labor savings.

Noise has always been an issue when vacuuming in public areas. The old trend for vacuuming populated areas during business hours has been to use a mechanical sweeper vacuum sometimes called a hokey. These smaller vacuum cleaners work great on extremely small and light debris but lack the power and suction for completing the task with perfect results.

The latest tread in mechanical sweepers is to get rid of the word mechanical and add the word vacuum. New vacuum sweepers are emerging in the lobby and restaurant markets and are packing quite a punch. These new rechargeable electric sweepers are ideal for picking up wet or dry debris and can run up to 2 hours on a single charge and have the option of multiple batteries with recharging units for extended use.

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