Cleaning and disinfection, Cleaning and Disinfection Tips to Avoid Coronavirus Spread

Cleaning and Disinfection Tips to Avoid Coronavirus Spread

This quarantine is a serious thing, as Coronavirus can be mortal, very painful, and leave long-lasting consequences in the respiratory system. Staying home is the best way to avoid it, and continuous cleaning and disinfection reduce the possibilities of spreading it.

In kitchens, objects we usually touch, such as water taps, handles of cabinets and refrigerators, water taps, sinks, etc, must always be clean. If you were out buying groceries, for instance, you must remove your shoes and clothes at your home´s door and take a shower. Wash your groceries with water and soap and then use a 70% alcohol solution to disinfect them. This solution can be used, too, for the buttons of your electronic devices (microwave oven, and the like) and light switches.

For bathrooms, bleach is always the best of choices. Use it following the instructions it brings, in order to wash and disinfect, but not damage the surfaces.

In other rooms, remote controls, closet handles, etc, can be disinfected with Clorox disinfecting wipes, making sure the surfaces are wet for 5 minutes.

This operation of disinfection must be made every day, but you need to do it more times a day if someone is sick in your home. The virus can be active on floors for a period of up to 3 days, and a day on plastics, and several hours on different metals.

In general, EPA-recommended products can do the job of disinfecting areas and reduce risks.

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