Relaxing Bedroom, Creating a Peaceful and Relaxing Bedroom

Creating a Peaceful and Relaxing Bedroom

Photo credit: by @maginnis on Twenty20.

Most of us spend at least eight hours a day in our bedrooms, it only makes sense that they are a pleasing room to be in. You will sleep better and enjoy your leisure time much more in a neat and orderly bedroom. Here is how you can make your own relaxing bedroom or your children’s rooms, the oasis they should be.

De-cluttering the bedroom can be a big job- especially if you are a “pack rat.” Start by tackling the biggest project first…the closet. Use the top-down approach, once again, and take everything off the shelves, if there are any.

Sort through the pile of things from the shelf and decide what you need, what you want, and what can be thrown or given away. If you find something that you forgot you had and have no use for, throw it out. Dust the corners of the closet walls and wipe down the shelf before replacing the items.

Move down to the hanging items next. Take everything out and wipe off the hang bar. Now go through the pile of clothes, being blatantly honest with yourself. If it doesn’t fit, is hopelessly out of style, or is in need of repair that will never happen, throw it out or put it in a bag to be given to charity. Though we should all keep a pair or two pants for less-then-slender days, the jeans that were super-snug in high school are never going to go over those hips that bore three children, ever again.

While you are going through the hanging clothes, check your hangers to see if any need replacing. You can buy new ones very cheaply, or recycle those that are on the items you are getting rid of. If you find that your closet is still stuffed full, even after weeding out the old things, try adding a bar beneath one half and hanging tops on the upper bar and skirts and folded pants below.

Finish up the closet by removing everything from the floor and vacuuming thoroughly. Dust the corners and wipe down the walls if needed. Sort through the items here with the same technique of throwing out the old, unnecessary items and only keeping what you need and really want.

Next move on to the dresser, sorting through the clothing there in the same fashion. Wipe out the drawers before putting all the “keepers” away. De-clutter the top of the dresser, as well. Throw out old toiletries and perfumes that might be wasting the space.

If you are cleaning in a child’s bedroom, you should tackle the toy box next. Throw away anything that is broken or has missing pieces. Take toys, books, and games that are in good shape, but have been outgrown or rarely used, and box them up for donation to a children’s hospital or other charity. Sort smaller toys into bins or containers with other like items. This technique works well for blocks, small cars, train sets, Barbie dolls, and similar items.

Create your own relaxing bedroom.  The comfortable, restful space you’ve always dreamed of!