clean up your room, Cleaning Up Your Room

Cleaning Up Your Room

Photo by @IndypendenZ via Twenty20

Cleaning up your room? As a child, you were probably told to “go clean your room” more than you wanted to hear. As an adult, you may find yourself telling your own children that same thing.

As spring rolls around, it is time to get back in that habit! Giving your bedroom a cleaning will help you relax and sleep better for months to come.

Tackling the room from the top to bottom will keep things running smooth and efficient. Clean the dust from the ceilings, and the cobwebs from the corners, checking the walls and cleaning them as necessary. Wipe down the baseboards, doors, knobs, and switch plates.

Take down the curtains, blinds, or other window treatment and wash the windows, inside and out. Wash down the screens and wipe out the windowsill and the corners of the frame. Leave the window open to air out the room and bring the fresh, spring air inside to energize you.

Make sure that everything that is on the nightstand is necessary. Get rid of excessive piles of books and only keep the ones that are being currently read on the table. Wipe down any pictures, knickknacks, and table lamps and dust the nightstand well. Dust and wipe down any other furniture and decorative items in the room, as well.

Vacuum the mattress and turn it, if necessary. If it smells a bit stale, try using a fabric refresher spray and airing it out for a while.

Hit the floor and take a look under the bed. This is another place where lost items tend to migrate and hidden treasures can be found. Be sure to get rid of the trash and forgotten items here, as well, and return everything else to its rightful home. Then you can vacuum under the bed to get rid of the dust bunnies.

Finally, to clean up your room, you can clean the floors. Vacuum well, or sweep hardwood flooring. If you have carpet, you might want to use a stream cleaner or carpet shampooer if the rug is exceptionally dirty. For hardwood floors, take out any throw or area rugs and clean them. Then scrub the floor as to the recommendations for your particular flooring type.

Once the floors are finished, you can put your window treatments back up. Put fresh sheets, pillowcases, and blankets on your bed or better yet, buy a brand new set to liven up the nice clean room. Finish off the fresh spring feeling with a bunch of flowers on the dresser.

Now that you are finished to clean up your room, why not take a quick shower and have a nice nap in your fresh, clean bedroom. You have certainly earned it!