, Cleaning and Organizing Kids Bathroom

Cleaning and Organizing Kids Bathroom

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The key to keeping a child’s bathroom organized is to limit the number of things that are allowed in there and teach them how to put things back where they belong. Once you decide what’s staying, devise the plan for storing everything.

A plastic bucket makes a great place to store shampoo, bubble baths, and things like that. The bucket can either be kept on the bathroom shelf or even on the back of the toilet. There are also racks for holding shampoo and soap that can be attached to the shower wall with suction cups.

Toys are a great way to encourage kids to take a bath, but keeping them organized and out of the way isn’t always easy. A mesh bag is a great way to store toys, and hang them in the tub, so they can drip dry. It’s probably a good idea to let them soak in a bleach-water mix from time to time, as they can get pretty yucky on the inside if water is left to sit in them. If space is at a real premium, allow the kids to only have a small number of toys in the bathroom at a time. Divide the toys into groups, and store the extras in a closet. Then, the kids can rotate which toys they use for a set period of time.

If towels and washcloths are a problem, attach some hooks to the wall or the back of the door, and then let each child have their own area to hang these items. It also helps if each child has their own unique towel set with a favorite color or character. This way it’s easier to know who’s actually taking care of their things. Limit the number of towels and washcloth sets to one or two, and any spares can be stored in a closet outside of the bathroom, taking up less space.

There are cute toothbrush holders that help keep all the dental care equipment in one location. The newer toothpaste tubes and pumps make it a lot easier for the little ones to brush their teeth and also come with less mess.

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