Stainless Steel Cleaner, Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless Steel Cleaners and polish are divided into three categories. These three categories are stainless steel cleaners, stainless steel polishes, and stainless steel polish cleaners. Each type of stainless steel maintenance product is used for a specific stainless steel maintenance task. There are also different types of commercial and residential stainless steel types. The main two types of stainless steel are satin stainless steel and polished stainless steel. Satin stainless steel has a duller finish than polished stainless steel but resists oil markings such as fingerprints much better. Polished stainless steel has a mirror-like metal gloss look.

Stainless steel cleaners are used to cut through oil marks and dry, streak and shine free. Stainless steel cleaners are sometimes referred to as stainless steel maintainers and are meant to clean your stainless steel before applying polish. Maintainers are also perfect for removing grease buildup from stoves and cooking ranges. Stainless steel cleaners are often used in residential and commercial kitchens. Types of products stainless steel cleaners can be used on are dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, escalators, tile, and chrome. Some stainless steel cleaners come with scents built in to leave a long-lasting, pleasant aroma.

Stainless steel polish is used to give your stainless steel a wet gloss look shine. Stainless steel polish also protects your stainless steel as well as making it look great. Fingerprints are usually the biggest headache when using stainless steel products, stainless steel polish creates a thin barrier between the stainless steel and fingertips preventing markings. If you are constantly having to dust off your stainless furniture or appliances stainless steel polish can actually help repel dust. If you are using polish in food service are make sure to check that the stainless steel product you are using contains no chlorinated solvents which contaminate food.

Stainless steel polish and cleaner blended together is a quick way to clean your stainless steel products. Polish and cleaner combos will remove fingerprints and dust and leave a shine on any type of stainless steel. Stainless steel polish and cleaner does, however, require more elbow grease than using the separate cleaner polish method but it is usually quicker to use and is great for touch-ups.

When purchasing stainless steel cleaners and polish be sure to find out the type of nozzle that is fitted to the can. The two main types of stainless cleaner can nozzles are oval and round hollow. An oval nozzle is generally better when you have smaller areas to clean and polish.