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Cleaning in Winter

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It is common that Winter comes and many people lowers the pace of their lives, including the daily cleaning of home spaces such as basements, closets and attics. This, of course, can become an issue in the middle term.

First of all, Winter does not mean all animals hybernate. Vermin can be active in several ways, bringing health problems for the dwellers of the place, and for the place itself, as wood, fabrics and many other materials can be affected.

Secondly, dust and dirt accumulate and mites can reinforce the usual respiratory diseases that come with the winter time. Besides, many mechanic, electronic and digital devices can be damage by those forms of grubbiness.

When you go out, mud under your shoes will be more common tan in other seasons. It is not so common that people let it on the floor, but in the aforementioned places, it can happen. And dry mud means more dust, and more health risk.

Another very important point is the necessity of cleaning air filters. Unless they are clean, they will spread more dirt, germs and mites all over the place.

Cleaning the back of refrigerators is also key. If coils are dirty, the energy consumption will be higher and the possibility of damaging the fridge also increases.

Last, but not least: Cleaning your chimney, if you have one, take our grase from your ovens, clean your carpets or putting them in store if humidity is high and clean vents in general, are always important things to do, but specially in winter. So, if you don´t want to get stressed by these things, your best choice is calling John D. Cleaning. We will take care of everything.

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