windows, Windows CleaningIf you don’t like cleaning your own windows, we completely understand. There are actually many homeowners out there who are also not the biggest fans of window cleaning given that this task can be exhausting and time-consuming. In some instances, it is also a dangerous chore which involves climbing on ladders and hanging out of windows. We at John D Cleaning will gladly take this task off your hands. Our cleaning professionals can efficiently do the job without drips and streaks!

What’s great about us is that we can personalize our service to meet our clients’ homes. We have trained and competent staff to ensure that we meet all you cleaning needs and more. So if you’ve got windows that are in serious need of cleaning, give us a call now so things will start to “clear up” right away.

Our 3-step window cleaning process:

  • We start by scrubbing your windows to remove the accumulated grease, grime and air-borne contaminants inside and out.
  • Once we clean the dirt and contaminates from your windows, we then squeegee the glass clean.
  • The edges and sills are thoroughly cleaned and wiped dry
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