Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is like the heart of a home. This means that it should always be in tip-top condition. A lot of family time is spent in this particular room so this should be as clean as possible. A dirty kitchen means that it can easily spread germs and bacteria to your family. Our cleaning services will remove these pesky microorganisms before you even settle in your new home. We can help with:

•     Clean, disinfect, and polish kitchen cabinets, interior, and exterior
•     Clean refrigerator
•     Clean the inside of the oven, the oven racks, the broiler pan, and the drawer below the oven
•     Thorough Cleaning of the stove exterior surfaces and the area around the stove
•     Run the garbage disposal to remove any debris
•     Remove all shelf contents. Clean and disinfect cabinet shelves and doors
•     Trash disposal
•     Clean all countertops.
•     Scrub, disinfect, and polish kitchen floor.
•     Clean the kitchen sink and fixtures removing any lime deposits
•     Clean all kitchen baseboards and walls
•     Dust above cabinets