Bathroom Cleaning

The time spent in the bathroom is about getting clean. A dirty bathroom can be a conducive breeding area for harmful bacteria and would be counterproductive should you become even dirtier inside of it This is why it always needs a thorough deep clean when moving in or moving out. Our bathroom cleaning service includes:

•     Dust and Windex globe light bulbs
•     Windex mirrors
•     Clean bathroom countertop and sink
•     Clean towel & shower bars and the toilet paper holder fixture
•     Polish all silver/chrome when finished
•     Clean the inside, outside & above the medicine cabinet
•     Scrub & disinfect shower walls and tub basin removing any mildew or lime deposits
•     Towel dry tub and shower walls
•     Clean the exterior surfaces of the toilet
•     Scrub the toilet bowl
•     Clean, scrub bathroom floor removing any trace of dirt or spots