Post Construction and Commercial Cleaning Services in Houston, Texas

In general, any building construction is a messy process. Literally. A high level of dust not to mention debris is produced during construction. And after the building is finished, there will be a big mess left in its wake which often will take several cleanings to remove.

While you may be proud of your achievement as your newly constructed building represents all that you’ve worked hard for, there’s still the major clean-up job to take care of. And this is where we come to your rescue. There’s no need to worry about massive expenses because we can come up with a customized cleaning plan according to your cleaning requirements and budget. We will provide you with a written estimate once we have visited the building or renovation site and talked to you about the needs you have.

Just right after the construction and just before you move into your new home, we will make sure that the cleaning is complete and your home is move-in ready. You won’t be bothered by dust everywhere or stickers on your windows. Rather, the entire house will be clean from top to bottom. A perfect way to welcome you into your new home.

What Is Important To Us

  • Using or occupying the space of a newly-constructed building for its purpose without collecting all dust and debris will have you dealing with so much dust after you’ve moved in.
  • Completing the clean-up in a day is important so the space will be as used as intended right away. This is why we make sure that there’s only one day of cleaning between the final day of building and the first day of your move in. We send as many people as needed to do the job fast without sacrificing the overall quality of their work.
  • We make sure that all cabinetry, drawers and closets are completely clean before you use them. We just don’t empty the drawers but we actually take them out of their places so we can thoroughly clean all areas of cabinetry.
  • We will ensure that all areas and appliances are in usable condition when you move in. These include the kitchen area, washrooms and their fixtures.
  • The windows are clean and clear including both sides of the glass to welcome the natural light into your home giving your indoor space a vibrant look and feel.